Are you preparing or planning for the IELTS Test? You’ll be surprised by knowing some of these interesting myths & facts about IELTS.

Brightworld Immigration offers IELTS training in Gurdaspur to students. Many students come to enquire at our institute about IELTS. During our practice of training students for IELTS, we found many queries regarding IELTS from students in which we find many MYTHS about IELTS, some are spread out in the market by some people and so-called experts of IELTS.

Our professionals have studied and researched those Myths and here in this article, we’ll try to clear your confusion and provide you with some of the interesting facts and myths of IELTS. Being a professional Institution, our intention is to make you aware of the myths and provide you with genuine facts about IELTS.

Almost we all know that IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System‘. IELTS is basically a test that is conducted under international standards and these standards are monitored across the globe.

IDP and British Council are the organizations that are responsible for conducting the IELTS test in India. Both organizations conduct the IELTS test on the same days with the same Listening, Reading and Writing papers in India.

So, let’s talk about some of the most interesting myths and facts about IELTS that students have in their minds.

Some Interesting Myths & Facts about IELTS

Myth 1: That a Student can’t write ‘and’ or ‘.’ in Answer of IELTS Listening Test.

FACT 1: There is no such rule in place. You can add such sign if you require them.

Myth 2: Reading is very lengthy and difficult in IELTS…

FACT 2: The Reading passage judges the candidate by varying in its difficulty level. The style of the reading questions may vary with every paper. However, we have observed that student’s familiarity with the subject of the reading passage plays an important role in the result. Hence, a suggestion to you is to read / practice as many as possible reading passages before your final IELTS Test.

Myth 3: You should write at least 250 words in Task 2 and you must not write more than 270 words. Not fulfilling any of these conditions can get you a loss of 1 band.

FACT 3: The minimum limit is correct i.e., 250 words but there is no maximum word limit. Many students feel stressed about exceeding the word count and s/he always counts the words at the end in writing test which is nothing but a waste of time.

Myth 4: Articles like ‘a’, ‘an’, and ’the’ are not counted in the word count in IELTS Writing Tasks.

FACT 4: It is wrong. They are counted in total word count while assessing Writing Tasks.

Myth 5: If you write Writing Task in cursive writing, you will get more bands in Writing.

FACT 5: There is no such rule in place. This will be a wastage of student’s time and energy. Please put your efforts into learning how can you organize a good response in writing rather than such trivial things.

Myth 6: The IELTS Examiners have a certain type of relation/link with some big named IELTS Training Institutions.

FACT 6: None of the Examiners are allowed for it. Examiners are sent to various testing centers to conduct the exam across the country. Many times examiners do not know that where are they going to conduct the IELTS Test, they are informed before a few hours only to leave for a particular test center. Thus it is not possible to have a certain type of relation with IELTS Examiners for any Institute.

Myth 7: In Speaking, candidates should speak the answer by saying thank you sir/madam for the question. Also, s/he has to speak yes sir/mam in between.

FACT 7: There is nothing wrong with giving respect and become polite in your Speaking. However, sometimes it does not look natural and comfortable. Moreover, this type of politeness will not get you more bands. You should be formal but not artificial.

Myth 8: In the General Training module for Task 1 it is compulsory to write the subject of the letter.

FACT 8: There is no such rule in IELTS. It does not make any difference whether you write the subject or not.

Myth 9: In General Training Task 1, if you write only Salutation i.e. dear sir, yours sincerely and subject. You get one band for that.

FACT 9: No, again a myth! Can you ever think of a student who writes the only salutation and getting bands for that…?

Myth 10: The Authorities conducting IELTS Test, change its question style and evaluation style at a regular interval of time.

FACT 10: Yes. It may possible. However, the changes are not quite often. It happens very rare. In such cases, the authorities conducting IELTS, do release updates for the same.

So these are some interesting myths & facts about IELTS that students the community have in their minds.

I hope this helped you and don’t worry if your query is still missing. You can ask your queries, that you have in your mind and want the genuine fact or information for that, you can comment us below and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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